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The Graddies 2022

The 2022 Graddies was the second year of the festival, and we had entries from universities across the UK. We received entries across a number of formats including animation, live action and documentary films. 

These films were then watched and judged by 3 industry professional judges.


Abigail Dankwa

Award winning studio Director


Amanda Burton

Award Winning Actress


Daniel Kleinman

Director and creator of James Bond title sequences. 

2022 Winner


The 2022 winners were a group of students from The University of Gloucestershire with their short film 'Neonate'. 


A short horror about a reclusive woman who finds her young, pregnant neighbour passed out in their corridor.  

The award ceremony was presented by actor and director Elliot Barnes-Worrell, and the award was presented by judge Abigail Dankwa.


Elliot Barnes-Worrell presenting the judges comments at the awards ceremony. 

2022 Finalists

2022 saw 10 finalist films from various universities. 

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